About Erick Brimen

Growing up in Venezuela Erick Brimen was exposed to the harsh realities of poverty. From an early age, he knew that he wanted to pursue a line of work that would contribute to the reduction of poverty. While enrolled in Babson College, Erick studied economics. The seed of NeWAY Capital began to take shape during this period. Erick wondered if it was possible to take the principles of entrepreneurship and use them to solve problems at the societal level. After college Erick worked in the finance and the tech industry. NeWAY Capital draws on Erick’s knowledge from both fields.

The best aspect of working at NeWAY Capital is being involved in the creation of the best possible version of the world. Erick Brimen and his team believe that their work has the potential to make the world a better place. The work itself is inspiring, and the people that Erick gets to interact with each day are an amazing group of individuals. Erick is grateful to be surrounded by such a talented team. They make coming to work each day exciting. Plus, they have the intelligence, compassion, and talent necessary to make NeWAY Capital’s goals become a reality.